Vitamin D Update – Benefits Beyond Bone Health

The majority of modern Americans, particularly those of us who live and work in urban environments like Dallas, need more Vitamin D than we currently take in—especially during cold weather months when sunlight is scarce. More than a billion people worldwide suffer from D-deficiencies; alarmingly, most have no clue.

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Gynechiatry & Intimacy

27 Jun 2017 Blog

Anyone who has spent even a minute amount of time with Dr. Prewitt has heard her refer to herself as a gynechiatrist. Those who know Dr. Prewitt are aware that being a gynechiatrist involves having the ability to reach her patients on a deep, emotional level. This ability is one of the many things that make Dr. Prewitt so successful in treating patients with low sexual desire.

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Not Letting Poor Weather Compromise Your Fitness

25 Jun 2017 Blog

When icy roads and bad weather conditions make it difficult, if not impossible, to make it to the gym many find themselves going stir crazy confined to their homes. For those with some form of home gym, working out at home is a breeze, but for others it presents a challenge. Here are some fun and creative ways to have an adequate workout session at home when you are unable to make it to the gym.

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