A fulfilling sex life is good for your health and Dr. Prewitt believes all men and women deserve to have one. Health benefits range from improved sleep, enhanced immune function, and cardiovascular health to natural pain relief and even an improved physical appearance. People with active sex lives are also happier and they live longer. Dr. Prewitt believes that life is too short to have bad sex.

At HealthWellnessMD, we offer a broad range of therapies to enhance your Sexual Wellness.


Vaginal Rejuvenation with FemiLift

In a perfect world, every woman could cough without crossing her legs, laugh without fear of leaking, and confidently enjoy intimacy. The FemiLift is for every woman. Every woman who suffers from incontinence, every woman who wants less discomfort and greater sensation, every woman of every age who wants to feel rejuvenated. Dr. Maryann Prewitt uses the minimally invasive FemiLift laser to treat urinary incontinence, stimulate collagen production and increased blood flow, and to improve the overall health of your pelvic floor. So, you can make the most out of every day.


Dr. Maryann Prewitt, founder of HealthWellnessMD, specializes in Age Management, Functional Medicine, and natural hormone balance through HRT. Dr. Prewitt is the preferred Dallas, Texas provider of the new natural GAINSWave™ system to enhance male sexual performance and stamina, as well as to treat dysfunction. Whatever the motivation to seek male enhancement therapy, Dr. Prewitt welcomes her patients and other visitors to drop by the facility and schedule an appointment today.

Laser Labiaplasty

For women who are embarrassed that their labia are somehow different, we offer laser labiaplasty—the fastest-growing type of cosmetic surgery today. Bet you didn’t know that you can have perfectly symmetrical labia without going under the knife. Dr. Prewitt performs laser labiaplasty right here at HealthWellnessMD and you go home with little downtime,
no stitches, and the look you thought you’d never have.

Laser Hemorrhoid Removal

75% of people will get hemorrhoids in their lifetime. Now, there’s no reason they should interfere with your sexual wellness. While surgery is one treatment option, Dr. Maryann Prewitt at HealthWellnessMD is pleased to offer a minimally invasive laser treatment alternative for men and women in Dallas, Texas. This outpatient procedure is less painful and requires less recovery time than conventional surgery. So, you can get back to living your optimal life.

Female Incontinence

Up to 80% percent of women experience urinary incontinence. While the likelihood of experiencing urinary incontinence increases with age, the condition is not considered normal—it can interfere with work, socializing, exercise, and sexual wellness. As a woman and a physician, Dr. Maryann Prewitt knows that there is no reason to suffer in silence. At HealthWellnessMD in Dallas, Texas, we offer a broad range of solutions for female urinary incontinence.

Male Incontinence

More than 50% of older Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. And men are much more likely to suffer in silence than seek medical help. Incontinence can get not only get in the way of your schedule but also your sexual wellness. Dr. Maryann Prewitt wants you to know that we have solutions. At HealthWellnessMD in Dallas, Texas, we can help. So, you can get back to your busy life—worry-free.

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