Nutrition Counseling

Dr. Maryann Prewitt is thrilled to provide physician-guided nutrition counseling to all of her patients. Food and its nutrients play a crucial role in helping our body function at its best. But, these days, even eating whole foods is not enough because our food supply no longer contains the nutrients it once did.

Dr. Prewitt often says: “Now, we are all astronauts on planet earth.” Like astronauts, we must supplement our food with medical-grade nutraceuticals. Visit HealthWellnessMD in Dallas, Texas, to learn more about how to augment your healthy choices with knowledge and nutrition.

Getting healthy in the digital age

In an era when so much information about health and wellness is literally at our fingertips, you would think that getting reliable nutrition advice would be easy. To the contrary, modern Americans have never been more confused about what to eat or not to eat; which supplements to take; or, the most effective lifestyle changes to implement. For example, the majority of Americans are Vitamin D-deficient and most have no idea. And many doctors are often as ill-informed as patients.

The blame for this oversight does not lie entirely with physicians—although Dr. Prewitt believes they deserve their share. When she went to medical school, they were not provided with the option to take courses on diet or nutrition. Medical students were taught to treat patients with pharmaceuticals and our techniques and technology. As a robotic surgeon, Dr. Prewitt recognizes the necessity and power of technology to save the lives of patients who are in acute distress. However, sometimes, low-tech solutions like dietary changes and proper supplementation can help you avoid the need for such surgical measures in the first place. As a Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Prewitt addresses nutritional imbalances in the same way she treats all concerns, by first looking to the root cause.

Now food cannot fix everything, but it’s a good place to start. The principle of “first do no harm”is not something that Dr. Prewitt takes lightly. Looking first to nutrition seems a pretty harmless place to start. Many fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed whole foods have properties that can benefit our health. While it would be great to tell you that you could acquire all of the vital nutrients that you need from food sources, this is simply not the case. The modern food supply has been altered to maximize production and yield for commercial value. As a result, the nutritional value of many natural foods has been compromised: today, you’d have to eat seven bowls of fresh spinach to equal the nutrition of one bowl of spinach forty years ago.

Eat for Longevity with plant-based food like nuts and berries and wild salmon on occasion.

Nutrition and your skin

Most of us don’t realize that the skin depends on nutrients and hormones to look its best. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Prewitt counsels her male and female patients on the importance of choosing nutraceuticals over pharmaceuticals as well as the multiple advantages of Balanced HRT through BioTE hormone pelleting. So, your body and your skin are their fittest. 

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