Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Reflections and Resolutions

2018 was a big year. Some might say huge. A year marked by political discord, historic shifts for women in the workplace, and a serious decline in civil discourse. We want to extend our gratitude to the valiant men and women who serve our country overseas. Makes us appreciate how lucky we are to be safe and at home. Here at HealthWellnessMD, we’ve had a pretty major year, too. Thanks to all of you who have been with us every step of the way. We’ve expanded our men’s health offerings, including PRP Hair Restoration and the P-Shot, we’ve grown our women’s sexual health program, adding the newest and most advanced lasers available today. Due to patient demand, we’ve launched a monthly newsletter, Life Spanyou can sign-up for it on our website.

The medicine of the future…today.

Many of you know that Dr. Prewitt started her medical career as a gynecologist but she has transformed her already busy practice. She is now a fully credentialed Functional Medicine physician and treats men as well as women. We all know how Dr. Prewitt loves to walk, talk, and educate all at once. Our fleet-footed Prewitt-wrangler, Bianca Oliva, is the only one around here who can keep up with her. Bianca makes sure to keep Dr. Prewitt on schedule while she’s on-the-go.

Here’s a look back at 2018…


But first, some important introductions…

The HealthWellnessMD team is expanding. We’re couldn’t be happier to introduce 4 new staff members:

  • Stephanie Flores, Medical Assistant – You may have already noticed her as you’re checking in at the office. In the few months Stephanie been part of the HealthWellnessMD team, she has become famous for her hugs. Next time you’re in, ask her nicely and you just may get one.
  • Leslie Nzeakor, BSN, RN – Our new nurse has impressed all of us as well as our patients with her professionalism and intellectual curiosity. Dr. Prewitt hears our patients sing her praises every day. In case you’re wondering about the origins of her tongue-twister of a last name? Leslie is the proud daughter of Nigerian immigrants…and it’s pronounced like this: N-za-kor. Say that five times fast.
  • Brooke Sundgren, BSN, RN  – Although currently she’s only with us two days a week, Brooke is an integral part of the team. She quickly mastered BioTE pelleting and patient education. She may seem demure at first but this former TCU cheerleader’s spirit radiates throughout the office. Brooke brings it daily.
  • Amy Shoultz, PhD – Many of you have seen Dr. Shoultz around the office for some time – she’s the one chained to the computer all day. However, she is with us full-time now. Her superpower is channeling Dr. Prewitt’s mind. We’re aware that this sounds impossible but someone’s got to capture and chronicle Dr. Prewitt’s vast knowledge base and clever medical metaphors. Dr. Shoultz puts it all online – in our blog posts, on our website, in our newsletter – so you can download the digital Dr. Prewitt from wherever you are.
Dr. Prewitt and her newest angels: Leslie Nzeakor, Stephanie Flores, Dr. Prewitt, Amy Shoultz, Brooke Sundgren. And that little devil in the back? It’s Mancy Kirkland, of course.

TouchMD lets you track your progress

In January, we added a nifty new tool for our MedSpa patients. With TouchMD, our patients can track their personal transformations and access their Before and After pictures at anytime and from anywhere. Looking good has never looked this easy.

FemiWave for Women on the horizon

In May, Dr. Prewitt designed a clinical study entitled: A Study of the Effect of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) for the Treatment of Women’s Sexual Health. With the help of clinical research assistant, Sara Martinez – most of you already know Sara as our office savant – Dr. Prewitt conducted the study over the course of several months. And our in-house medical writer, Amy Shoultz, PhD, helped pull together our preliminary findings so that we could submit the paper to the American Academy for Anti-Aging (A4M) in September. We expect to see the published version from the A4M in January, 2019. Before you ask, yes, we’ll update this post with a link to our paper as soon as we get the green light.

Dr. Prewitt initiated this study after the great success we’ve seen using the GAINSWave to enhance male sexual performance. To date, treatments for female sexual dysfunction have not been single-handedly successful due to the multifactorial-factorial nature of its origin: including social elements, biological changes, certain medications, psychological factors, dissatisfaction with relationship, and disappointment with partner performance. All of these factors lead to personal distress. The FemiWave shows great promise to address vaginal health and improve pleasure and performance for women. It’s about time.

Dr. Prewitt slays the Wellness Mama podcast

Back in June, Dr. Prewitt had the pleasure of chatting with Katie Wells – better known as Wellness Mama – on her The Healthy Moms podcast. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Katie’s mission, she is doing some phenomenal work on behalf of moms everywhere who want healthier, more holistic lives for themselves and their families. You can learn more about her on the Wellness Mama website.

The two of them had an extraordinary talk that we invite you all to hear for yourselves. Katie recently released podcast episode 168: A Proactive Approach to Aging and Sexual Health and Wellness with HealthWellnessMD. Since it aired, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from her vast and vocal community of listeners. We now take care of patients from across the country who heard Dr. Prewitt share her progressive philosophy for staying sexy for life.

We wrote a blog post about their talk and you can listen to the podcast here.

The team who fasts together lasts together

You’ve all probably heard about the current fasting craze. So, in June, our whole team put it to the test. However, under Dr. Prewitt’s guidance, you know we did it the safest, smartest way possible. In an effort to optimize our health span, the HWMD team joined together in the 5-day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet. Some of us fared better than others but we stuck it out and completed the fast – with staggering results. If you’d like to know more about how fasting can enhance your longevity, we just happen to have a post about that too.

Our aesthetician, India Jeffery, doing the ProLon dance. You’d be dancing, too, if you’d just finished a 5-day fast. And, if you’re not following us on Instagram, find us @healthwellnessmd.

Dr. Prewitt shakes things up at The Aesthetics Show in Las Vegas

In July, Dr. Prewitt participated in The Aesthetic Show – this conference brings together major players in the field to discuss the most current aesthetic knowledge and technology for an interactive educational program. It’s kind of a big deal.

“The Aesthetic Show is the gold standard in this field, and the 2018 event has once again displayed an unparalleled dedication to the evolution of our industry.”

From Andrew Ordon, M.D., F.A.C.S., the show’s scientific chairman an acclaimed plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and host of CBS’s The Doctors.

One of the most important components of a successful educational program is the quality of its faculty. The Aesthetic Show offers a world-class faculty comprised of thought leaders and leading practitioners in the aesthetic community. Dr. Prewitt was invited to be a member of the faculty of this prestigious event.

We all know how passionate Dr. Prewitt is when it comes to educating her patients on matters of sexual health. That’s why we love her. She is fearless and not afraid to go where others fear to tread.

As a Faculty Member, Dr. Prewitt presented the following two talks:

  • The Aesthetics of Sexuality: Energy-based Medicine and the Future of Sexual Health
  • Sexy for Life: Shockwave Therapy for Longevity in Men and Women’s Sexual Health 
Dr. Maryann Prewitt goes where others dare not tread by taking the taboo out of Sexual Health and Wellness.

She was so well-received that she was interviewed about her talks by the Aesthetics Channel. You can learn more about what she told them here.

Vampires live among us

Wow, to say this was an experience is an understatement. In August, Dr. Prewitt along with our business manager and fan favorite, Lorena Loera, traveled to Fairhope, Alabama. Their quest? To master the art and science of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) under the tutelage of Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the Vampire PRP treatments. We’re not convinced he isn’t a vampire himself! But, there’s no denying the power of PRP.

PRP is the mainstay of Regenerative Medicine and Dr. Prewitt has been blown away by both the science and the results our patients are seeing. We’ve recently promoted our own Toni Parks to Regenerative Medicine Administrator since she has shown such passion and natural talent for all things PRP. Plus, she’ll keep you smiling while going full Vampire on you. We are now using PRP in tandem with our medical spa services to treat everything from facial aging to breast lifts as well as incontinence and male and female sexual desire and pleasure. Learn more about the O-Shot for women here and go here to read about the P-Shot for men.

Meet the Dallas SculpSure Club

Drum roll, please…Meet the Dallas SculpSure Club for unlimited laser body contouring. HealthWellnessMD and skinFIT MedSpa are pretty pumped to introduce the Dallas SculpSure Club annual membership plan for unlimited laser body contouring with SculpSure.

Our patients love their permanent fat reduction results so much that many have requested additional treatments or would like to target fat in other areas of the body. So, we came up with a plan: we’ve launched an annual membership program – with two ways to join – for multiple treatments over the course of a year at a significantly lower cost per procedure. The DSC is the brainchild of Lee Lafayette, our COO, and chief mischief-maker here at HealthWellnessMD.

Welcome to the club, Dallas.

Dr. Prewitt calls these beauties the “sexiest lasers” she’s ever seen. Our team members upped their laser IQs at this event: Toni Parks, Leslie Nzeakor, Dr, Prewitt, Lee Lafayette, and Brooke Sundgren.

The InMode Lasers have landed… 

In November, we attended a game-changing conference at the Omni Hotel right here in Dallas with some of the most distinguished members of the global aesthetics community. The panel of speakers was impressive – they brought down the house with their industry knowledge and big brains. And the lasers from InMode Aesthetic Solutions…well, they just don’t get any better. Dr. Prewitt is thrilled to add their cutting-edge capabilities to our portfolio of services. 

  • BodyTite – The first minimally invasive treatment to remove fat and tighten skin at the same time. Phenomenal results!
  • Votiva – The only technology that tightens the vagina and vulva – so, you’re rejuvenated inside and out. You’re welcome.
  • Triton – The newest laser (it’s actually 3 lasers in 1) for hair removal on all skin types for women and men. It’s fast and requires fewer treatments. Start right away and have a shave-free summer!

Guess who’s a Dynamic Women of Dallas Honoree? 

Isn’t it obvious? Our own Dr. Prewitt was honored in November’s Modern Luxury Dallas magazine for being one of the Dynamic Women of Dallas. Now, we’ve all known this since the day we met her. But what makes her so dynamic? We believe it’s her mission and nobody says it like she does, telling the magazine:

“Longevity is not just about adding years to your life but adding value.”

Dr. Maryann Prewitt as quoted in the November Modern Luxury Dallas.
Our patients are more likely to see Dr. Prewitt in a surgical gown than an evening gown.

Our first FB LIVE event

We had an exciting collaboration with Blake Stephenson and the Modern Luxury Dallas team at the beginning of December. Dr. Prewitt and our true Texan aesthetician, Mancy Kirkland, conducted a LIVE SculpSure demo right from our Facebook page. Expect more of these events to come! Was a huge hit…wait, did we just say huge? Follow this link to see what you missed.

And if you’re not already, give @HealthWellnessMD a Like and a Follow while you’re there.

Resolutions? Who needs the pressure?

It’s the season when well-intentioned people set lofty resolutions for the new year. Work out more, eat healthier, spend more time with family and less time on devices, perhaps be more mindful…But, most of us have seen our declarations fail – sometimes, as soon as the “It’s Valentine’s Day” excuse becomes an option. Then before you know it, you’re inhaling boxes of chocolate while binge-watching whatever is the next new thing on Netflix.

We’ve got a different approach to resolutions for 2019. Rather than say “no” to all the bad stuff, how about saying “yes” to the many good things that are right in front of you. Say yes to taking a walk after dinner, say yes to getting a good night’s sleep, say yes to fruits and vegetables, and say yes to showing the people in your life how much you care. Love is Verb. Start by loving yourself and set the domino effect in action. Join with us at HealthWellnessMD. All it takes is one small act at a time.

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