Laser Hair Reduction

Have you ever wondered how much time, money, and energy you spend trying to remove unwanted hair? With laser hair removaltherapy, you never have to shave again. We treat both men and women of all ages and all skin types and tones. Yes, guys: this includes your face. Get soft, silky, hair-free skin—permanently, anywhere on the body.

Shaving and waxing are not only time-consuming but they can leave skin red and irritated and lead to in-grown hairs. Laser hair reduction is a noninvasive option for women and men to eliminate unwanted hair. The procedure quickly and safely destroys brown, black, and pigmented hair with little to no pain or discomfort. Unwanted hair can be treated on just about any area, including: face, neck, chest, bikini area, underarms, back, legs & arms.

Need a gift for that hard to shop for person – laser hair removal is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. This is one of the most coveted and requested treatments. With laser hair reduction, you’ll never shave, wax, or tweeze again. Stop the cycle! Schedule your first laser hair removal treatment today and soon you’ll be hair-free…for good.

What you need to know about laser hair reduction:

  • Laser hair reduction works best with darker hair.
  • Laser hair reduction takes more than one treatment.
  • Laser hair reduction is relatively painless.
  • During and around your treatments, you should stay out of the sun.
  • Make sure not to pluck or wax before your treatments.
  • Some medications can make your skin more sensitive to laser exposure.

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