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Our patients want to look as good as they feel. Time and again, we hear the same concerns from patients who want tighter skin, increased collagen production and fewer lines, more volume in the face and less volume on their body. At skinFIT, our in-house medical spa, Dr. Prewitt has assembled the largest array of anti-aging therapies and technologies anywhere. As a Master’s Robotic Surgeon and laser expert, Dr. Prewitt only utilizes next-generation technologies to fine-tune your individual medical, sexual, and cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Prewitt has brought together a team of leading-edge aestheticians to provide the latest innovations in lasers, injectables, and cosmeceutical interventions. The skinFIT MedSpa team skillfully implements Dr. Prewitt’s protocols in our luxurious Knox-Henderson facility in central Dallas. Our patients love our team because we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their individual wants and needs. Plus, we get results.

Meet the skinFIT MedSpa team

The Prewitt Protocol

Dr. Prewitt has long said that the “laser will replace the knife.” Her prediction has come true: lasers are revolutionizing the field of medical aesthetics, making much of plastic surgery a thing of the past. With laser technology, we can combat the external signs of aging naturally – through the powers of light and sound.

Dr. Prewitt employs a proprietary process of combining and stacking multiple laser modalities generating superior outcomes that other methods cannot achieve. Stacking allows her to dial-in depths of tightening for deeper penetration, maximal elastin and collagen production, and profound improvements in pigmentation for patients of all skin tones. As part of The Prewitt Protocol, all of our laser treatments include the pre- and post-procedure cosmecutical products and recommendations to ensure surgical-quality safety and to optimize outcomes.


Outcomes enhanced by ZO, Dr. Zein Obagi’s most scientifically active medical-grade skincare line to optimize results through pre- and post-procedure protocols. Dr. Prewitt also incorporates Biopelle’s epidermal growth factor for recovery and maintenance. 
The use of cosmeceuticals enhances your results and ensures the most rapid recovery.


Botox & Dysport

A lifetime of laughter and story telling can leave telltale signs of age on your skin.Character is great but not if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Botox and Dysport injections can smooth or eliminate crow’s feet and lines between the brows, around the mouth, and on the forehead. You look like you—only better.

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Aging is inevitable. Looking your age doesn’t have to be. From fine lines and deep wrinkles to age spots and sun damage, time takes its toll on your skin. If lines and wrinkles weren’t bad enough, our cancer risks also rise, as we grow older. At skinFIT MedSpa, our treatment of choice for aging skin is the CO 2 laser.
Dr. Maryann Prewitt utilizes the CO 2 to lift away years of aging, improve overall skin tone, elasticity, and texture—all while helping to bolster the skin against future aging as it vaporizes pre-cancerous cells. It’s a facelift but without the scars.

Skin Tightening

All sorts of life events can cause our skin to become lax—things like aging,
pregnancy, weight loss and gain, and sun exposure. In other words: Life. At skinFIT MedSpa, we’ve got your covered. To combat the laxity that comes with aging, we offer gentle noninvasive skin-tightening treatments. Relax as our aestheticians tighten the skin on the face, jawline, neck, arms, stomach, buttocks, knees, and inner and outer thighs. Patients often compare this
experience to a hot rock massage.

Cellulite Reduction

No one likes the way cellulite looks on his or her body—no one. Let our
aestheticians at skinFIT MedSpa smooth away cellulite, using a combination of radio frequency energy and mechanical massage to increase metabolism of fat tissue, reduce fat cell volume, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and visibly smooth the texture of the skin. Hidden bonus? Tighter skin.

Lumecca Photofacial

Has years of sun worshipping taken its toll on your skin? We can help. The Lumecca photofacial is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) available for treating age spots, skin irregularities, and vascular lesions. Reduces red and brown discoloration of the skin from sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or rosacea. And, yes, you can do it anywhere on the body.

Laser Hair Reduction

Have you ever wondered how much time, money, and energy you spend trying to remove unwanted hair? With laser hair removal therapy, you never have to shave again. We treat both men and women of all ages and all skin types and tones. Yes, guys: this includes your face. Get soft, silky, hair-free skin—permanently, anywhere on the body.

Dr. Maryann Prewitt knows that light is required for anything to grow and heal. LED Lightwave Therapy is a safe, painless and nonsurgical method of skin rejuvenation and cellular repair. The healing properties of Lightwave Therapy are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and promote healing pre- and post- treatment. Let there be light!

No, it’s not a pleasant topic; but, for those suffering from difficult-to- treat nail fungus on the hands or feet, Dr. Maryann Prewitt wants you to know there is help. Conventional treatments such as medications and topical creams show only limited success. Our laser treatment opens up new possibilities with a selection of clinically proven laser and light-based solutions to vaporize the fungus on the finger and toenails. We use multiple modalities to increase success.

Feed your skin with one of our customized chemical peels. Our aestheticians perform customized exfoliation with serums to improve skin texture, dull tone and address acne. A chemical peel does not strip the skin—but, rather, feeds the skin precisely what it needs to look its very best.

For those with light-colored hair on their face—for whom laser hair removal is not an option—the aestheticians at skinFIT MedSpa perform electrolysis. Electrolysis is FDA-approved for permanent hair removal for blonde, gray, and white hair.


For many, facial lines are proud evidence of a life well lived. Others prefer not to wear their age on their skin. At skinFIT MedSpa, we offer dermal fillers, or “liquid facelifts,” to immediately add volume and fullness to your skin. To enhance shallow contours or soften facial shadows, wrinkles, and creases, our nurse injectors use Restylane or Juvederm. For your nasolabial folds, we offer Refine and Define for an instant lift. We can also plump up the volume of your lips with Silk and cheeks with Lyft. Come see us to fill it in and plump it up.

Reduce up to 40% of fat cells with SculpSure - permanently.

Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose. The SculpSure system offers the first FDA-approved solution for patients who want to charge of their weight and take back their health by melting away the fat. Only SculpSure results in the permanent reduction of 24% of fat cells in 25 minutes. Our patients are so thrilled with their results that SculpSure boasts a 90% satisfaction rate.

Fractora Laser

The Fractora is the ultimate non-invasive skin renovation without surgery—the next-generation laser for face and neck lifts. At skinFIT MedSpa, the laser is rapidly replacing the knife. Our skilled aestheticians use the Fractora to dramatically tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve texture for the long term. Simply come see us at skinFIT MedSpa where we perform noninvasive face and neck lifts for surgical results without the scars.

Lunchtime Face and Neck Lift

If you’ve got time for lunch, you’ve got time for the ClearLift laser. This major skin rejuvenator treats loose skin, sagging necks, crow’s feet and most other signs of visible signs aging. Plus, this noninvasive procedure stimulates collagen production for the long term with no pain and no downtime. We promise, you’re going to want to make time for the ClearLift. You’ll get back to work and it will be our little secret.

Laser Hand Rejuvenation

Everyone sees you hands so you want them to look their very best. At skinFIT MedSpa, we perform laser removal of age and sunspots as we tighten and plump the skin on the back of the hand. Now, you can talk with your hands without letting them betray your age. Thin skin no more.

Laser Vein Reduction

Spider veins may look scary—but there is nothing to fear. Our aestheticians use the most up-to- date lasers available to non-invasively reduce, or even eliminate, the appearance of these unsightly veins. Never fear, our modern laser is quick painless, unless older technologies. Unwanted spider veins no longer have to limit your activities or your confidence.

Sure, that tattoo seemed like a good idea when you were in college but perhaps, today, you want to project a more professional image. Unwanted dark and multi- colored tattoos can be safely and effectively eliminated with our laser tattoo removal treatments. Why live with regrets when you don’t have to?

DermaSweep is a quick and gentle medical-grade microdermabrasion treatment with custom infusions. Let our aestheticians design a micro-resurfacing treatment especially for your skin. We have a unique technology that vacuums away the topical debris from the skin. Whether you are jet-lagged, sleep-deprived, or simply overworked, we will have you polished and primed in under an hour.

Peach fuzz is cute…on peaches, where it belongs. Let the aestheticians at skinFIT MedSpa perform manual exfoliation with removal of superficial hair for smooth, hairless, and refined skin.

Dr. Maryann Prewitt’s philosophy is to create and maintain healthy skin for life through laser medicine and science-based skincare. She recommends cosmeceuticals from Biopelle for their unique epidermal growth factor. We carry the entire ZO Skin Health line because they treat all dermatologic conditions while utilizing the best of what science has to offer to improve our skin’s natural functions—for all patients.

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