skinFIT Med Spa

Our patients want to look as good as they feel. Time and again, we hear the same concerns from patients who want tighter skin, increased collagen production and fewer lines, more volume in the face and less volume on their body. At skinFIT, our in-house medical spa, Dr. Prewitt has assembled the largest array of anti-aging therapies and technologies anywhere. As a Master’s Robotic Surgeon and laser expert, Dr. Prewitt only utilizes next-generation technologies to fine-tune your individual medical, sexual, and cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Prewitt has brought together a team of leading-edge aestheticians to provide the latest innovations in lasers, injectables, and cosmeceutical interventions. The skinFIT MedSpa team skillfully implements Dr. Prewitt’s protocols in our luxurious Knox-Henderson facility in central Dallas.


The Prewitt Protocol

Dr. Prewitt employs a proprietary process of combining and stacking multiple laser modalities generating superior outcomes that other methods cannot achieve. Stacking allows her to dial-in depths of tightening for deeper penetration, maximal elastin and collagen production, and profound improvements in pigmentation for patients of all skin tones. As part of The Prewitt Protocol, all of our laser treatments include the pre- and post-procedure cosmecutical products and recommendations to ensure surgical-quality safety and to optimize outcomes.



Outcomes enhanced by ZO, Dr. Zein Obagi’s most scientifically active medical-grade skincare line to optimize results through pre- and post-procedure protocols. Dr. Prewitt also incorporates Biopelle’s epidermal growth factor for recovery and maintenance. 
The use of cosmeceuticals enhances your results and ensures the most rapid recovery.

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