LED Lightwave Therapy

Dr. Maryann Prewitt knows that light is required for anything to grow and heal. LED Lightwave Therapy is a safe, painless and nonsurgical method of skin rejuvenation and cellular repair. The healing properties of Lightwave Therapy are anti-aging,anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and promote healingpre- and post-treatment. Let there be light!

The beauty of lightwave herapy is that it harnesses the beneficial properties of sunlight as it filters out the harmful properties. Just one lightwave treatment delivers the same amount of energy as several thousand hours of direct sunlight. It is safe, quick, painless and non-invasive alternative to traditional prescription medication or surgery. Our aestheticians are trained to use the healing power of lightwave therapy for a wide range of skin conditions. You achieve younger, more radiant looking skin; treat acne; improve aging or sagging skin, cellulite, stretch marks, and rehydrate and restore skin tone and texture—all with no negative side effects.


What else can LED Lightwave Therapy treat?

At SkinFit MedSpa, we use lightwave therapy for more than simply skin treatments. Lightwave treats a broad spectrum of physical and medical conditions and concerns: joint and muscle pain, sports injuries and sprains, inflammation, as well as for postsurgical healing. We can even apply the lightwave to your scalp for thinning hair and improving overall hair health to add shine, thickness and fullness. The therapeutic potential of lightwave is still unfolding and among the most promising of medical spa treatments.

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