Gynechiatry & Intimacy

Anyone who has spent even a minute amount of time with Dr. Prewitt has heard her refer to herself as a gynechiatrist. Those who know Dr. Prewitt are aware that being a gynechiatrist involves having the ability to reach her patients on a deep, emotional level. This ability is one of the many things that make Dr. Prewitt so successful in treating patients with low sexual desire.

Quite possibly the hottest topic on sexual health and intimacy right now is the most recent medication for female sexual arousal, Filbanserin. On Thursday June 4, 2015, an FDA advisory committee voted 18-6 in favor of this drug’s approval for treatment of female sexual desire, also called low sexual desire disorder. This means Filbanserin is now in the final stages to get full FDA approval. While this medication has the potential to revolutionize how low libido is both recognized and treated in the medical community, it is not a quick fix to the problem, as is the male erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra. This is where the psychosocial aspect to Dr. Prewitt’s job comes into play, gynechiatry if you will.

“A woman’s sexual desire is completely psychosocial,” states Dr. Prewitt, “There are three things I tell all my patients about sexuality. A woman must be comfortable with her body, happy with her life and trust in her partner completely to be sexually aroused. If you take away any one of those things all the medications in the world won’t help.” Dr. Prewitt’s State of the Art practice has truly mimicked her ideology. So does Filbanseril have a place in Dr. Prewitt’s practice? Without a doubt. However, there are a few things you need to understand about this medication.

First, you should note that the media calling this drug “The Female Viagra” is a misnomer and very misleading. “It is important to realize that this medication is not a female version of Viagra, in fact, they [Viagra and Filbanserin] work by completely different mechanisms in the body. Viagra strictly enhances the physiological portion of sexual arousal in men, while Filbanserin works on the psychological side of sexual desire in women,” Dr. Prewitt stated earlier today. Filbanserin is taken once daily and according to a study on the drug, takes approximately 4 weeks to reach its full potential. “This pill will not cure your low sex drive immediately, but it will give you the little push to get you where you need to be while you work on loving your body, yourself and building that trusting bond with your partner.”

Lucky for Dr. Prewitt’s patients her practice fully encompasses the vision of optimal, comprehensive health and wellness, and gives them every opportunity to work on their intimacy concerns: skinFIT addresses aesthetic needs so patients can look their best and feel good about their bodies, bodyFIT covers nutrition, fitness and hormone balance to make sure you are in the best possible condition to be successful in increasing your sex drive, and on top of that, Dr. Prewitt’s gynecology practice ties it all together by insuring patients maintain good sexual and personal health. “All of these areas must be addressed in order to have the best quality of life. Filbanserin is just a piece to the intimacy puzzle, but I honestly believe it will help so many women. Women have needed this for a long time and now it’s here,” said Dr. Prewitt when asked about how her practice and Filbanserin fit together.

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